Types of House Painting and Finding a Contractor

Essentials of House Painting

Interior House PaintingMaintaining a house can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. In a society obsessed with aesthetics, having a dilapidated looking house is the last thing that you want to people to see.

Taking the appearance issue aside, maintaining a home’s structure and appearance is also necessary to make your house safer from harsh weather conditions and other elements which can harm a house’s inhabitants.

Altogether, the way you maintain or improve your house reflects what kind of person you are. One of the most common methods of home improvement and maintenance is through house painting.


House paints have more than just aesthetic purposes. They also serve as primary protection of your building’s walls against the natural wear and tear process. There are paints which maximize weather-induced damages by acting as the primary barrier. That is why house structures with chipped paintwork are more susceptible to damage.


There are several types of house paints, and selecting the appropriate ones can make house painting a tough task. For starters, there are certain kinds of paints which adhere strongly to particular types of materials and knowing how the housing material and paint matches (on top of color, of course) will help you maximize the benefits you can get from house painting.

Here are several types of house paints you can use:

Interior House Paint – these are house colors used for building interiors. Examples include:

  • Distemper – may be dry, synthetic or acrylic
  • Plastic Emulsion – comes in three variants: regular, economy and silk

Exterior House Paint – mainly used on the external structures of a building

  • Cement Paint
  • Acrylic Emulsion
  • Plaster

Each of these types of paint is highly specialized to maximize their respective functions. Selecting the perfect match can surely help you keep your house, well-maintained.

While it seems economic to go and do the house painting on your own, there are technical aspects to it such as stroke pressure, brushing style, mixing, etc. which are best delivered by professionals. Looking for a house painting contractor in your locale may be difficult, but necessary.

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Professional Painting Services

Booking A Contractor

Choosing between house painting contractors can be tough, especially if you know little to none about the home improvement industry. Like any consumer, there are several ways to successfully hire the perfect painters for your house.

The set of criteria below can help you choose who to hire to get the job done:

  1. Reputation – does the contractor have good reviews?
  2. Customer Service – are they easy to contact? Can they be booked easily?
  3. Value for Money – can the contractor provide me the best quality service with my given budget?

Those three factors are only some of the things you must consider before booking for a house painting job from a house painting contractor.

Maintaining the appearance of your house may be tedious and costly and it is not compulsory, but it is necessary.

House painting is one of the essential maintenance procedures you must do frequently to (1) Update your house’s appearance and (2) to enhance the durability of your walls. There are certain paints which are suitable for interior and exterior materials and selecting the perfect pair may be difficult. That is the reason why it may be best to book a house painting contractor.